Think of a product, now change it.

Today’s consumer is more aware of and increasingly concerned about environmental issues than at any time in history. As a consequence, brands are increasingly being held accountable for the negative impact their products have on the environment – and this is an accelerating upward trend. Add to this the action of legislators and authorities who are handing back responsibility to manufacturers for the end-to-end lifecycle of products – this, too, is an accelerating upward trend.

By purchasing a product made from organic, carbon positive materials, consumers can now actively play their part in reducing plastic waste and harmful toxins and help protect the environment for future generations.

For companies looking to transition to the right side of the argument, this is a viable, cost-effective and timely solution that will protect reputation, build trust, and add lasting value for stakeholders and the consumer.

Just as with plastics, the possibilities for products made using our partners’ patented formulas are limitless. From single-use plastics to buttons, toys and tools, automotive parts and construction materials, anything that was previously made from plastic can now be made from organic waste material. 

91% of plastic isn’t recycled.