Incredible materials for a better future.

Good for manufacturers and brands.

  • Commercially viable material delivering a complete switch-and-replace alternative to plastic
  • Available in pellet and powder form, just like plastic
  • Suitable for most manufacturing techniques, including injection
  • Can be moulded/formed at lower temperatures (compared with thermoplastics), delivering energy savings
  • Minimal adaption to manufacturing processes
  • Low energy and zero contamination production
  • Meets emerging international environmental standards, widening customer base
  • Attracts tariff-free rates and carbon offsets
  • Responds to consumer environmental concerns

Good for the planet.

  • Produced from naturally occurring materials that are abundant throughout the world
  • Climate positive
  • Low energy consumption in production compared with plastic and metal
  • Low water consumption in production compared with plastic and metal
  • Production waste is a natural, harmless substance that can be washed into the drainage system, where it breaks down
  • Anti-bacterial – does not grow mould when wet; alignment of the material’s molecules does not trap water
  • 100% organic and biodegrades naturally.
  • Becomes a fertiliser at the end of the product’s life – 100% earth-to-earth circularity

Good for consumers.

  • Genuine earth-to-earth, biodegradable products
  • No price premium
  • No compromise on product quality or durability
  • Responds to global issues surrounding climate change, carbon offset, plastic waste, toxic leeching and pollution, potential effects on human health, and endangerment to the living ecosystem.
  • Guilt-free consumption